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Recruiters Going Rogue

Are you ready to put yourself in the driver’s seat and start making money as an independent recruiting specialist? Did you know that the old staffing agency model is dying? Up until the last couple of years, you HAD to work for someone else if you wanted to be in the staffing and recruiting industry!  The overhead, franchise fees, office equipment, training, back office systems and memberships just made it …Read More

Do You Have a Recruiter in Your Pocket?

Having the right recruiter in your back pocket can set you apart from the competition.   Below are 5 good reasons why working with a recruiter will put you at the head of the pack. The recruiter/ candidate relationship should be one of understanding what the two of you can do for one another. Like every partnership, a good match makes for a good life. 1.  Your Recruiter has direct contact …Read More

Where the Jobs are for 2013 and Beyond

If you are thinking of changing jobs…or are still in college, here are some planning tips for in-demand jobs for 2013 and beyond.  The top 20 jobs with salary ranges were reported by Business Week magazine on 1/7/13: Sales representative/business development ($65,000-$75,000) Software design/development ($85,000-$95,000) Nursing ($35,000-$45,000) Accounting & finance executive ($65,000-$75,000) Accounting staff ($45,000-$55,000) Networking/systems administration ($65,000-$75,000) Administrative assistant ($35,000-$45,000) Business analysis (software implementation) ($85,000-$95,000) Business analysis (research) ($65,000-$75,000) …Read More

Tips for Working with a Recruiter

REMEMBER THESE TIPS WHEN WORKING WITH A RECRUITER: Recruiters don’t find people jobs: The average job seeker has it all mixed up – recruiters don’t go out and find jobs, recruiters find candidates. They match candidates with open positions given to them by their client companies. Recruiters are tasked with filling these job requisitions. If you’re planning on working with recruiters, understand that they are often looking for very specific …Read More

Work from Home as a Virtual Recruiter

If you are interested in learning more about the requirements and job duties of a virtual recruiter, please click the link below. Spectra is now hiring virtual recruiters. How to Become a VR_1 More PowerPoint presentations from Sybil Goldberg

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