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Skills Shortage Means Many Jobs Go Unfilled

  More Small Businesses Find Qualified Workers Are Hard to Come By Growing numbers of small-business owners say unfilled job openings are thwarting their growth at a time of high confidence in the economy.  About 33% of 848 small-business owners and chief executives said they had unfilled job openings in June because … Continue reading this article.    


TAKING A MOMENT TO APPRECIATE ALL OF THE SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZE BUSINESSES IN AMERICA.  These companies are usually the unsung heroes of our economy and may not have the name recognition of the large corporate giants but they create nearly 80% of all jobs in the U.S. In January 2014, 43% of ALL new job creation came just from small-sized businesses. In January 2014, 81% of ALL new job creation …Read More

Recruiters Score High

Seventy percent of engineers say recruiters are one of the most common ways they hear about new opportunities. Friends, social media, former co-workers, nothing ranks higher than recruiters for new job information, with the very narrow exception of job boards. But with only 71% giving them the edge, it’s a statistical dead heat. And, when you consider how accessible and ubiquitous the posting sites are,  recruiters must be doing something …Read More

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Headhunting

Finance and Accounting Specialists: Let’s get acquainted!  I would like to work with you in your next strategic career move.  Please accept my offer to send you confidential career opportunities for the following finance and accounting areas of specialization: Tax (Including International) Risk Assurance and Audit Litigation Support Business Valuations Forensic Accounting XBRL Corporate Controllers/VPs/CFOs Fraud Examiners As a member of a professional network of over 900 executive recruiters – …Read More

11 Hot College Majors That Lead to Jobs

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics majors are among the hottest for career-seeking college students.  Biomedical Engineering, Biometrics, Forensic Science, Computer Game Design, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Petroleum Engineering, Public Health, Robotics and Sustainability lead the way.  Click here for full article.

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