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CPA Firms Accelerate Growth

The 2014 national MAP survey shows widening divide between large and small firms.  Marking the third consecutive year of quickening expansion since the recession, CPA firms are posting 6.7% revenue growth, according to the latest results from the National MAP Survey of CPA Firm Statistics reported here exclusively by CPA Trendlines.  Click for full article…  

77 Percent of Firms Offer Work-From-Home

Recent survey finds 77 Percent of Firms Offer Work-From-Home.   As workplaces continue to evolve as quickly as technology dictates, over three-quarters of accounting firms reported in a recent survey that they allow staff to work remotely.  Click here for other findings.

Important Thoughts for Future CPAs

  “The one piece of advice I would give to young CPAs entering the workforce would be to strengthen your social networks. All the people that you went to school with—connect with them on LinkedIn. Go to networking events. Get involved in charitable causes. The ability to generate business through your network is absolutely critical and will set you apart from the rest of the crowd.” These thoughts from Philip …Read More

We Are All in Sales…How Did That Happen?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that one out of nine people are in official “sales” jobs, but something is happening with the other eight of us in today’s workforce. We are all in non-sales sales jobs, according to Dan Pink. That’s right — non-sales sales jobs.     In fact, the research says the other eight of us spend an average of 41 percent of our time “convincing people …Read More

Many Jobs Go Unfilled because of Skills Shortage

Here is a Great Opportunity for Recruiters to help Employers Solve their Skills Shortage problems. “Growing numbers of small-business owners say unfilled job openings are thwarting their growth at a time of high confidence in the economy.  About 33% of 848 small-business owners and chief executives said they had unfilled job openings in June because … READ ARTICLE IN WSJ.

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