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Recruiting for CPA Firm Succession Planning

Recruiting New Employees The following is an excerpt describing how CPA firms are recruiting for succession planning.  Good read for forward thinking firms. Accounting firms are looking to bring in younger employees to fill their ranks as older Baby Boomer partners start to retire, but they have to offer the right enticements if their succession planning is going to work. ”With busy season behind them, now is a good time …Read More

If You Use Web Hosting…

This is a seriously good deal. BlueHost (serving over 2 million web hosting users) doesn’t offer discounts to its current users because the default prices are already very competitive.  I can’t receive the new user discount, but I was told that any new users signing up for Bluehost Web Hosting for ONE DAY ONLY on AUGUST 9, 2016 will receive a monthly rate of $2.95 for 12 months — much …Read More

Applicant Vs Application

Applying for a job shouldn’t be so difficult. As owner of an Executive Search Firm, I read and hear complaints every day about the difficulty of the application process. I hear the same complaints about the hiring process but that will be another article. I encourage HR Departments to realize how many valuable human assets they lose through their online application process. In the world of online applications, it now …Read More

Lengthy Hiring Practices, Misconceptions Make Companies Lose Out On Talent

Companies Losing Out on Talent Lengthy hiring practices and misconceptions about what motivates top candidates to make a job move are causing companies to lose out on high performers in an already tight talent market, according to the 2016 MRINetwork Recruiter & Employer Sentiment Study. Companies that want to attract and retain the best talent will need to revisit their interviewing and talent management approaches to create a strong employer …Read More

How Many Independent Workers?

Independent workforce dips, but more growth expected Despite a 5% decline in headcount this year, independent workers remain a powerful economic force, according to a report from MBO Partners. And independents generate more than $1.1 trillion in annual income, equal to more than 6% of US GDP. Over the next five years, according to the 2016 State of Independence in America report, the number of full-time and part-time independents in …Read More

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