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Employers Offering Higher Salaries

Tech skills remain in high demand and that means well-paying IT jobs are about to pay even better salaries.   It’s common knowledge that an IT career pays well. But if you’re an IT pro looking for a new role, your paycheck could get a whole lot heftier. IT staffing company Modis surveyed 500 IT professionals responsible for key decisions, including hiring, between August 1 and August 9, 2016. The …Read More

Make Social Recruiting Work for You

Interesting graphic from BetterTeam.com on effectively using social media for recruiting! As executive recruiters, we need to keep up to date with current trends in recruiting so here’s an easy update. If you have any questions, please contact Spectra.

Learn to Code Quickly with Online Courses

Sole Proprietors and Small CPA Firms Should Learn to Code! Investing the time to learn even a basic knowledge of code and coding can be very helpful. Not only will you be able to communicate your needs more effectively to developers and get better and more efficient results, but you’ll be more self-sufficient. Being able to make small tweaks on your own website, rather than having to hire a developer, …Read More

AICPA Launches Secure Portal

  AICPA Launches Secure Portal for Transmitting Financial Documents The AICPA is launching RIVIO Clearinghouse to deliver CPA source-validated financial documents  — such as audited financial statements to bankers, shareholders and other investors.   Unlike with public companies, whose key data is accessible through the Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR system, there is no central repository for private company financial information. As a result, many private businesses still rely on …Read More

News Ways of Working

The CGMA’s November 2014 report explains why companies will need to draw talent from new sources, to do so more quickly and adaptably, and to be prepared to work more closely alongside people who are external to the organisation. Organisations are increasingly finding themselves managing an “open workforce” – one in which talent and resources are spread across a complex mix of in-house teams, freelancers, contractors and external business partners. CIMA and the AICPA’s new research into …Read More

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