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Is Your Firm Future-Ready?

By 2025, millennials will account for 75 percent of the global workplace, according to Forbes.  As digital natives, this population is breaking up complacency, bringing new technology tools, along with an increase in expectations in having more control regarding how and when they work.  But here’s the good news: according to JB Training Solutions, 41 percent of Generation Z said a mid‑sized company is their ideal work environment. However, instead of cubicles and individual offices, collaborative, team‑oriented workspaces rule, encouraging …Read More

Learn to Code Quickly with Online Courses

Sole Proprietors and Small CPA Firms Should Learn to Code! Investing the time to learn even a basic knowledge of code and coding can be very helpful. Not only will you be able to communicate your needs more effectively to developers and get better and more efficient results, but you’ll be more self-sufficient. Being able to make small tweaks on your own website, rather than having to hire a developer, …Read More

Recruiting for CPA Firm Succession Planning

Recruiting New Employees The following is an excerpt describing how CPA firms are recruiting for succession planning.  Good read for forward thinking firms. Accounting firms are looking to bring in younger employees to fill their ranks as older Baby Boomer partners start to retire, but they have to offer the right enticements if their succession planning is going to work. ”With busy season behind them, now is a good time …Read More

AICPA Launches Secure Portal

  AICPA Launches Secure Portal for Transmitting Financial Documents The AICPA is launching RIVIO Clearinghouse to deliver CPA source-validated financial documents  — such as audited financial statements to bankers, shareholders and other investors.   Unlike with public companies, whose key data is accessible through the Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR system, there is no central repository for private company financial information. As a result, many private businesses still rely on …Read More

Casual Friday coming on Monday?

Did you say casual Monday? The Chicago-based accounting firm of Baker Tilly Virchow has launched a pilot program allowing its professionals to wear jeans any day of the week they deem it appropriate. No longer will denim be confined to Casual Friday, a fairly common practice in the profession. Such a practice is fairly unusual in the buttoned-down profession. “If Baker Tilly is jeans every day, they’re probably leading the …Read More

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