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Why Workers Don’t Use Their Vacation Time

Guilty of Not Using Your Vacation Time?   Fifty-two percent of Americans who get paid vacation time said they would not use all their allotted time in 2016, according to a new Bankrate.com survey. Among those with paid vacation benefits, 30% said they would have seven to 10 days left over at the end of the year, 21% would leave four to six days unused and 15% would leave one …Read More

How Many Gig Workers by 2025?

Most Americans Will Be Gig Workers by 2025, Says Study By the year 2025, most workers (70%) and employers (68%) agree a majority of the workforce will be employed as Gig Workers (contractors, consultants, temporary or freelancers).  This is according to a study released today by Randstad US (one of the largest HR services and staffing companies in the United States). The Workplace 2025 report peered into the minds and …Read More

Employers Offering Higher Salaries

Tech skills remain in high demand and that means well-paying IT jobs are about to pay even better salaries.   It’s common knowledge that an IT career pays well. But if you’re an IT pro looking for a new role, your paycheck could get a whole lot heftier. IT staffing company Modis surveyed 500 IT professionals responsible for key decisions, including hiring, between August 1 and August 9, 2016. The …Read More

Make Social Recruiting Work for You

Interesting graphic from BetterTeam.com on effectively using social media for recruiting! As executive recruiters, we need to keep up to date with current trends in recruiting so here’s an easy update. If you have any questions, please contact Spectra.

Is Your Firm Future-Ready?

By 2025, millennials will account for 75 percent of the global workplace, according to Forbes.  As digital natives, this population is breaking up complacency, bringing new technology tools, along with an increase in expectations in having more control regarding how and when they work.  But here’s the good news: according to JB Training Solutions, 41 percent of Generation Z said a mid‑sized company is their ideal work environment. However, instead of cubicles and individual offices, collaborative, team‑oriented workspaces rule, encouraging …Read More