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Learn to Code Quickly with Online Courses

Sole Proprietors and Small CPA Firms Should Learn to Code! Investing the time to learn even a basic knowledge of code and coding can be very helpful. Not only will you be able to communicate your needs more effectively to developers and get better and more efficient results, but you’ll be more self-sufficient. Being able to make small tweaks on your own website, rather than having to hire a developer, …Read More

Offshoring and The Accounting Firm of the Future

Is ‘offshoring’ in your firm’s future? (EXCERPTS FROM RECENT ARTICLE BY ROB NIXON OF Panalitix) The accounting firm of the future has a local team who are customer-facing (nurturing, sales and advice) and everything else (back office and processing) is handled by offshoring. There are three compelling reasons why this makes sense: An abundance of labor A labor force who are supremely qualified A lower cost structure Let’s take the Philippines …Read More

Recruiting for CPA Firm Succession Planning

Recruiting New Employees The following is an excerpt describing how CPA firms are recruiting for succession planning.  Good read for forward thinking firms. Accounting firms are looking to bring in younger employees to fill their ranks as older Baby Boomer partners start to retire, but they have to offer the right enticements if their succession planning is going to work. ”With busy season behind them, now is a good time …Read More

If You Use Web Hosting…

This is a seriously good deal. BlueHost (serving over 2 million web hosting users) doesn’t offer discounts to its current users because the default prices are already very competitive.  I can’t receive the new user discount, but I was told that any new users signing up for Bluehost Web Hosting for ONE DAY ONLY on AUGUST 9, 2016 will receive a monthly rate of $2.95 for 12 months — much …Read More

Applicant Vs Application

Applying for a job shouldn’t be so difficult. As owner of an Executive Search Firm, I read and hear complaints every day about the difficulty of the application process. I hear the same complaints about the hiring process but that will be another article. I encourage HR Departments to realize how many valuable human assets they lose through their online application process. In the world of online applications, it now …Read More