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Young Americans Spend More than 10 Hours Per Day Using Technology A new study by a consumer saving website has discovered the average 18 to 30 year old American spends, on average, 10 hours and 16 minutes in front of an electronic device or screen every day… All respondents were then asked to state which tasks they undertook the most throughout the day through technology. When provided with a list …Read More

Need help with hiring?

People are quitting their jobs at a faster clip and that’s pushing small business owners to work harder to hold onto top talent…As the economy and job market improve, keeping the best employees is becoming vital for small businesses.  The trend is expected to continue. Thirty-eight percent of workers plan to change employers in the next five years, according to a 2014 survey by the management consultancy Hay Group. That’s …Read More

CPA Firms Accelerate Growth

The 2014 national MAP survey shows widening divide between large and small firms.  Marking the third consecutive year of quickening expansion since the recession, CPA firms are posting 6.7% revenue growth, according to the latest results from the National MAP Survey of CPA Firm Statistics reported here exclusively by CPA Trendlines.  Click for full article…  

77 Percent of Firms Offer Work-From-Home

Recent survey finds 77 Percent of Firms Offer Work-From-Home.   As workplaces continue to evolve as quickly as technology dictates, over three-quarters of accounting firms reported in a recent survey that they allow staff to work remotely.  Click here for other findings.

CPA Practitioners Sue to Stop PTIN Fees

Interesting update on PTIN fees from article in Accountants World: Two CPAs have filed suit in the U.S. district court for the District of Columbia, asking the court to stop the IRS from charging fees for issuing preparer tax identification numbers (PTINs), to obtain refunds of fees paid in the past, and to enjoin the IRS from asking for more information than needed to issue preparer tax identification numbers (PTINs). …Read More

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